AQE – s4 Source, Site, Smell, Symptoms


  • Source: Where is it coming from?

  • Site: Air vents / Ground Operations / In cabin odor?

  • Smell: Unusual, unpleasant, no distinctive traits?

  • Symptoms: Symptoms range from headaches, burning of eyes/nose/throat, disorientation, dizziness, hypoxia, blurry vision and/or nausea.

In the air, if you or a passenger exhibit ANY symptoms NOTIFY, the CA and treat the symptoms!

  • Do you/they need medical attention? During flight or arrival, have CA contact Medlink and/or arrange EMS if symptoms are serious.

  • For Flight Attendants on the ground, not displaying serious symptoms you can call MedAire to report and for an assessment 480-379-1941. Follow up with SOD and Crew Scheduling.

  • When speaking to EMS or ER doctors remember “physicians treat symptoms” reference this doc. ER DOCTOR INFO_by FAA

  • Fume events are caused by oil or hydraulic fluid.  Spirits Oil Brand is  TURBONYOIL 600 SDS

  • If the FA has returned home, call the SOD (954-756-5080) to open an OJI.

  • If in the middle of a pairing you will need to call in Sick online – “SOL” will be reviewed, once HRLOA receives paperwork (Team Member injury report/medical release, and debriefing sheet).

  • You will need to file a Required Operations Report. 

  • Also file a ticket with AFA. File a Ticket

  • Additional information is on the Spirit AFA-website. AQE Emergency Kit

  • When you fill out the debrief with the CA, take a photo for all reports.

  • Workers Compensation is State regulated; however, Spirits does allow FAs to use sick hours for time lost if you do not qualify. 

  • Most importantly is to report these incidents.  You can deny medical treatment, (Form sent by SOD) and this allows you to continue your pairing and seek treatment later if needed.   But if not reported you have zero recourse later for treatment.  

We know these events are trying for all of us.  After your initial contact with HRLOA you can reach out to for Workers’ compensation /FMLA/ LOA guidance