Mari-Rene Alu has been our very own dedicated aviation safety advocate. Mari-Rene joined the AFA Safety Committee in 2014 and was appointed to the position of MEC Air Safety, Health, & Security Chair in 2016. Since volunteering for the Spirit AFA-CWA Union she has been our airlines leader in air safety and air quality events.  READ MORE ABOUT OUR VERY OWN INDUSTRY LEADER.

Term of Office: July 1, 20120- June 30, 2023


Your AFA Safety Team would like to keep you up to date on what you need to do.  Here is some important information on AQE each of us should be carrying in our flight bags. 

If you are involved in an Aircraft Accident, please notify AFA-CWA. As soon as you are assured that the immediate needs of your passengers and fellow crew members are being met, contact any AFA-CWA representative immediately.

The FAA Hotline accepts reports concerning the safety of the National Airspace System, violation of a Federal Aviation Regulation (Title 14 CFR), aviation safety issues, and reports related to FAA employees or FAA facilities. The FAA Hotline provides a single venue for FAA employees, the aviation community and the public to file their reports.

Safety Report vs. Irregularity Report (FAIR)
Anytime an event causes bodily harm to Crew, Guests, and/or severe damage to aircraft, or there is a potential threat to the safety of the operation, a Safety Report must be submitted. These reports are confidential, unless required by law to be disclosed. [FAM 10.2.2- Safety Report.] For all other irregular events onboard, a FAIR must be submitted. [FAM 10.2.3- Flight Attendant Irregularity Report (FAIR).]

OSHA standards for bloodborne pathogens (BBP, 29 CFR 1910.1030) and personal protective equipment (PPE, 29 CFR 1910 Subpart I) require employers to protect workers from occupational exposure to infectious agents.
Employers and workers should be familiar with several key approaches to infection control, including universal precautions, standard precautions and transmission-based precautions.

Our Spirit Airlines AFA-CWA Union movement could not have grown without the help of volunteers.