How to nonrev like a boss

“I am your union representative for travel benefits, for any more questions “



➢ Username and password, use your Workspace/Remote Access username and password 

▪ Spirit Travel

• Jumpseat on Spirit

• Space Available

• Select Travelers (Dependent listing available)


Personal Travel ON OTHER AIRLINES 

Dependents Travel using Zed Fare on OA

➢ Employing Airlines- Select – Spirit

▪ Username and Password (If you don’t have an account click on “Request new password”, email will be sent to Spirit’s   email.

▪ Click on “Booking/Listing” (top left hand corner)

▪ Traveler Selection

• Airlines

Over 110 Airlines including Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, Air Canada, Southwest, Air France, Qantas etc…* 



A: On myidtravel click – Main Menu: ID Agreements – select desire airline (it will also tell you which dependents are allowed (Domestic Partner, Significant Other, etc) and which flights have embargoes.

Also available on Spirit Link.

JUMPSEAT LISTING On Airlines that use Myidtravel:

▪ Select “Flight Attendant Commuting” when booking a flight for yourself under the “Travel Status” box

▪ Jumpseating listing available on AA (Domestic) , JetBlue, Virgin America, Allegiant, Southwest (Domestic)

• Follow prompts

• -Check “Confirm”, “Next” / Pay applicable taxes if international. 

How to Non Rev using ID90


➢ Airline – Spirit

♦ Username and Password

♦ Click on upper left-hand index button (=)

➢ Flights

For Buddy Passes alternative dependents and self listing on spirit’s flights.

♦ Flight Ticketing on following airlines for dependents:

➢ Airline

▪ Alaska Airlines

▪ Frontier

▪ Hawaiian Airlines

▪ Ravn Alaska

▪ Sun Country

For United, Frontier, Alaska Jumpseat Agreement:


➢ Airline – Spirit

♦ Username and Password

♦ Click on upper left hand index button (=)

♦ Listing Tool (Commuting) Choose FA commuting before choosing Airline. UA will not show up on the Pilot prompt.

▪ United Airlines (Domestic)

▪ Frontier Airlines

▪ Alaska Airlines

➢ Select Passengers

To list Buddy Passes


➢ Airline – Spirit

♦ Username and Password

♦ Click on upper left-hand index button (=)

➢ Flights

♦ Flight Ticketing

➢ At the bottom under “other”

-BUDDY PASS Passengers

❖ Individual Commuting Airlines (Jumpseat Agreements)

➢ Delta – List at Gate, Passport or Driver License Required

800 221-1212  Ask for employee travel

➢ Alaska Air – list at gate 45-1:00 before the flight.

1 877 677-2566 or use id90travel

➢ Southwest Airlines – Use Myidtravel if not possible, List via Phone or Gate 1:00 hour before the flight.

1 866 359-7967

1 866 792-7529

➢ Silver Airways – list at gate 45-1:00 Before flight.

➢ Hawaiian Airlines – list at gate 1:00 before flight.

➢ Sun Country – list at gate 1:00 Before flight.

1 800 359-6786 

Air Transat – 1.5 hours before flight at the ticket counter. Must request AICM form.

❖ HOW TO BOOK Spirit Tickets with Free Bags (1 Free checked bag + 1 Free  Carry-on) CONFIRMED:

To use this new benefit you must go to the Team Travel portal on (or access it from your new LiNK intranet) and select Revenue Booking from the drop-down option. Use the same login used to list for non-rev travel on, The carry-on and checked bag is automatically applied to each selected traveler. Available for all eligible dependents.


– Most airlines require business casual/ semi casual attire. NO shorts, no flip flops, no open shoes. Some airlines require tatoos to be covered. To check individual airlines’ attire click on id agreements on, it will show the specific dress code.

For best chances Business Casual is the universally accepted attire.

-European Airlines (And Hawaiian Airlines) do not need you in uniform and may ask you to change prior to departure, including your lanyard.

-ALWAYS introduce yourself, especially if using jumpseat agreement. THEY know you are jumpseating and not introducing yourself is disrespectful, plus some airlines require you to check with the captain. 101 nonrev culture!