Government affairs

Cole De Vault


Hello All, my name is Cole De Vault, I’m an Orlando based Flight Attendant that has been with Spirit Airlines since March of 2019.  I’ve worked with AFA in some capacity since I became a flight attendant in 2017.  At my previous airline I served as a New Hire/ Reserve Mentor, and since I’ve been with Spirit I’ve had the pleasure to serve as the Local 37 Government Affairs Chair as well as a Grievance Representative.  Politics are something I’ve always had an innate interest in, and I’ve always been excited to learn more about the inner workings of our Legislative system. In September, I had the great honor of serving in the 2020 AFA 9/11 Honor Guard, this Honor Guard is composed of Flight Attendants who have done work to advance our legislative agenda to Never Forget.  If you know me, you know I love to talk about what is going on in the world of Aviation Legislation and am always happy to help with whatever you need.  I’m excited to continue my work with AFA and continue to serve our membership as the MEC Government Affairs Chair. 

Term of Office: December 11, 2020 – June 30, 2023



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The virus, which has now infected more than 209,839 and killed at least 8,778 people, has spread rapidly to more than 169 countries, including the U.S. The World Health Organization has labeled it a global pandemic.

“Now the FAA is slow walking [10 Hours Minimum Rest] saying, ‘we can’t do that until 2020.’ I understand one of the airlines is pushing really, really hard to not allow flight attendants to get proper rest.”

Within a global struggle to combat a problem of epidemic proportions, Flight Attendants can play a key role in the fight against human trafficking.


Volunteer qualifications

The Government Affairs Committee’s responsibility is to monitor and pursue legislative activities that relate to the AFA-CWA political agenda and to build positive relationships with candidates for office and elected officials.

  •   SPR Flight Attendant
  •   AFA member in good standing
  •   Computer skills
  •   Successful completion of training
  •   Willingness to attend any training(s)
  •   Adherence to policies, procedures, and standards of ethical conduct

Government Affairs Committee

This committee is composed of members interested in representing the interests of their fellow Flight Attendants in regard to political and legislative action.

Qualifications include:

  • Previous experience in government affairs work and/or a political background is helpful, but not required
  • Understanding of the political and legislative systems
  • Up-to-date knowledge and understanding of current legislative activities and political climate
  • Willingness to participate in political action including picketing, leafleting, and canvassing
  • Adherence to committee policies, procedures, and standards of ethical conduct
  • Maintenance of member-in-good-standing status
  • Ability to remain in good standing with the company
  • Willingness to do ongoing committee work on a volunteer basis
  • Committee members should be registered to vote

Purpose and Scope

The Government Affairs Committee’s responsibility is to monitor and pursue legislative activities that relate to the AFA political agenda and to build positive relationships with candidates for office and elected officials.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Make suggestions on initiatives that could be pursued in legislative affairs and political matters at the local level to the Local Executive Council (LEC). All problems/issues shall be discussed with the LEC President and MEC Government Affairs Chairperson for coordination at the airline level, of for processing at the AFA International level
  • Schedule and attend meetings with local elected officials and key staff
  • Act on and follow through on directives as established in the AFA Constitution & Bylaws
  • Coordinate enrollment for members who wish to participate.
  • Act on recommendations of the AFA Director of Government Affairs and AFA Legislative Policy Committee
  • Offer timely communications and reports to the LEC regarding the status of local activities
  • Review material, handle correspondence, and keep Local Council Members well informed of current legislative developments through the Communications Committee and reports at Local Council meetings


  • Act as liaison between the membership and the Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers.
  • The Local Chairperson will act as liaison between the Local Committee and the MEC Committee Chairperson
  • Coordinate with the Local Chairperson of the committee regarding all activities
  • Collaborate with other AFA committees as needed
  • Report to the LEC Officers on any discussion with management
  • Recommendations for change will be presented to the LEC Officers in writing
  • Any AFA committee appointed by the LEC and empowered to conduct discussions with management on behalf of the flight attendants must first meet with the LEC Officers prior to forming any agreement to gain the direction of the LEC
  • The committee will not make any policy that conflicts with LEC, MEC, or AFA policy

Our Spirit Airlines AFA-CWA Union movement could not have grown without the help of volunteers.