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Olson "Rick" Santiago

MEC Negotiations Representative

Colleen Burns

MEC Negotiations Representative


Paula Mastrangelo

AFA International Senior Staff Negotiator

Jason Kachenmeister

Spirit MEC President & Negotiation's Chair

Don Reno Intreglia

MEC Vice President & Negotiations Committee Oversight Officer

Jasmine Lopez

MEC Secretary/Treasurer

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office, business, businessmen
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Introducing the Negotiations Committee

Good afternoon Union brothers and sisters, 
On March 6th the Master Executive Council sent an e-line to request commitments to serve for the upcoming Negotiations Committee, during the months that followed dozens of you submitted your names for consideration to be selected for the committee. Once the deadline arrived we sent out a negotiations assessment to those who were qualified and in good standing, this assessment included general contract knowledge, experience questions, and to specifically cite areas of the contract that they felt needed the most work. Of the 55 candidates who responded to the assessment, the MEC deliberated…..