Congratulations and Welcome to the Spirit AFA family

Class of 03-21


MEC New Hire Chair

donald gionta



Recent Graduation Statistics:

  • January 24th, 2022
  • Base assignments:

Next graduating class will be held on:

  • February 25th, 2022
  • Following classes to be determined

NEW HIRE description

Volunteer qualifications

  •   SPR Flight Attendant
  •   AFA member in good standing
  •   Computer skills
  •   Successful completion of Basic training
  •   Willingness to attend any requisite training(s)
  •   Adherence to policies, procedures, and standards of ethical conduct

New Hire Committee


–      What does the New Hire Committee Do?

o  The New Hire Committee is a resource for New Hires to ask questions and share ideas to make the transition to the industry and Spirit smoother as they begin their new career. 

–      Specific Duties and Responsibilities

o  Assist with reserve contract interpretation.

o  Educate reserve flight attendants as to contract provisions applicable to reserve flight attendant status. 

o  Assist New Hires in the bidding process and how to manage their schedule. 

o  Monitor New Hires concerns on a local basis.

–      Why Would I Contact This Committee

o  If you are a New Hire and need help with contract interpretations, scheduling, adjusting to airline industry, or an open ear. 

o  Direction on situations that may arise while working. 

o  Information on different committees and who you should contact to assist you in specific situations. 

–      What are the duties and responsibilities of a New Hire Rep?

o  The Committee shall develop and implement a system to assist the integration of news hires into the membership of the union. This will include a “mentoring system” pairing new hires with present flight attendants who can answer questions concerning the union and the reserve system and the contract in a satisfactory manner. 

o  The Committee Chair should coordinate with the LEC President when the opportunity to speak to new classes arises. 

Composition and Qualifications

  • It is recommended that the committee be comprised of Flight Attendants off probation and in good standing with AFA-CWA and the Company. 
  • Interested in helping New Hired Flight Attendants after they graduate. 
  • Willingness to do ongoing committee work on a volunteer basis.

Purpose and Scope

  • The committee primary responsibility is the protection of all New Hire Flight Attendants against contract violations. 
  • Providing guidance to New Hires while on probation. 

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assist with reserve contract interpretation.
  • Educate reserve flight attendants as to contract provisions applicable to reserve flight attendant status. 
  • Assist new hires in the bidding process and how to manage their schedule. 
  • Monitor New Hires concerns on a local basis.

o  Communication

  • Act as liaison between the membership and the Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers.
  • The Local Chairperson will act as liaison between the Local Committee and the MEC Committee Chairperson. 
  • Coordinate with the Local Chairperson of the committee regarding all activities
  • Collaborate with other AFA committees as needed
  • Report to the LEC Officers on any discussion with management
  • Any AFA committee appointed by the LEC and empowered to conduct discussions with management on behalf of the flight attendants must first meet with the LEC Officers prior to forming any agreement to gain the direction of the LEC
  • The committee will not make any policy that conflicts with LEC, MEC, or AFA policy

Our Spirit Airlines AFA-CWA Union movement could not have grown without the help of volunteers.