Who We Are

The Spirit AFA-CWA Paycheck Committee is responsible for payroll issues and other special projects for the Flight Attendant group. 

A Few Words About

our Paycheck Team

The Paycheck Committee consists of one Chairperson, one Vice-Chairpersons and Local reps. 

To contact any member of the Paycheck Committee, email Paycheck@Spiritafa.com.

Cortney Okuszka

MEC Paycheck Committee Chair


MEC Paycheck Vice Chair

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TIP #1

Be Proactive. It is always recommended to print your pairing from Crewtrac at the start of your trip. Verify those numbers after your trip is flown on your Pay Report. You will have the information if needed when completely a Pay Ticket if there is a discrepancy.

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TIP #2

The pay report is the only accurate resource to confirm your sick and vacation. Highly recommend to check your Audited Pay Reports to verify accrued amounts at the end of each month.

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TIP #3

Hotel buybacks are NOT CBA protected. Although a great way to subsidize our pay the union cannot do much to assist from collecting that money from the company. This program can be withdrawn by the company at anytime.

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TIP #4

If you find an issue with pairing credit reach out to Crewpay@spirit.com to try to resolve it before it ends up being paid incorrectly.

Flight Attendants should contact the paycheck committee for 
assistance with their pay after attempting to resolve pay concerns with the company Crewpay department. 
It is highly recommended that Flight Attendants use email crewpay@spirit.com, (the company) and copy the paycheck committee at paycheck@spiritafa.com.  This enables us to track the issues and work with management when seeing trends.
Provide support to the Flight Attendants in regards to answering pay questions,  assisting/explaining how to read pay reports and answering pay tickets on the SpiritAfa website.
In addition to above,
  • be familiar with the Compensation Section of the CBA and how it relates to other sections regarding pay protections.   
  • Reps would work to answer pay tickets on the support center in a timely manner.