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Aimee Fabian


David Bedene


Jason Kachenmeister


Aimee Herman


Sergio Marchi


Olson "Rick" Santiago-Carreras

David Bedene

MEC Scheduling Committee Chair

Aimee Herman

MEC Scheduling Vice Chair

A Few Words About

our Scheduling Team

The Scheduling Committee consists of one Chairperson, one Vice-Chairperson and Local Scheduling reps.

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Who We Are

The Spirit AFA-CWA Scheduling Committee assists Flight Attendants with concerns relating to pairings or scheduling.


Blocked day

Have you ever been denied a drop/swap on a "green" day? It's not an error; it's by design and here is how it works: Each day of the year has a minimum "buffer" of reserves required. The "net" amount of reserves available equals to the total reserves available minus the total amount of open duty periods for that day.


Consecutive Days on Duty a. A Flight Attendant shall be scheduled for no more than six (6) consecutive calendar days on duty without a calendar day free from duty. The one (1) calendar day in the seven (7) day period must be in the Flight Attendant’s base. Deviations from this constraint may be made only with the Flight Attendant’s concurrence and without duress.

Schedule Adjustment Period (SAP)

The Schedule Adjustment Period (SAP) refers to the period after lines are awarded during which schedule conflicts are resolved. The trips that had conflicts are put into a pot, and Flight Attendants are given the chance to add them to their schedule, with priority given to those who lost hours.

Delayed flight

There are several reasons why an NND ticket may be denied. This FAQ will cover the most common denial reasons. However, we must first understand what the purpose of a notification of delay/cancellation is. All information in this FAQ refers only to Non-Notification of Delay complaints.

Other Scheduling faqs

This committee represents the interests of Flight Attendants during the pairing and line construction process and addressing Flight Attendant concerns involving pairings or scheduling.

Scheduling Committee


This committee is composed of members interested in representing the interests of Flight Attendants during the pairing and line construction process and addressing Flight Attendant concerns involving pairings or scheduling.

Qualifications include:

  • Good organizational and communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of scheduling-related sections of the contract
  • Knowledge of CFRs and other regulations pertaining to flight time, duty time, and crew rest guidelines
  • Excellent working knowledge of crew tracking and trading systems
  • Excellent working knowledge of preferential bidding system (PBS)
  • Ability to attend regular Scheduling Committee meetings
  • Adherence to committee policies, procedures, and standards of ethical conduct
  • Ability to maintain the confidentiality of sensitive and personal information
  • Maintenance of member-in-good-standing status
  • Ability to remain in good standing with the company
  • Willingness to do ongoing committee work on a volunteer basis
  • Some travel may be required to attend meetings and required training.

Purpose and Scope

To provide input to and assist the company’s Crew Planning department in the pairing construction process and to assist Flight Attendants with concerns relating to pairings or scheduling.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

  • Act in an advisory role to the LEC Officers regarding scheduling issues
  • Actively gather information and engage Flight Attendants in discussion to determine their suggestions for future pairings. Keep records of such discussions in order to be responsive to the needs and wants of the members.
  • Establish history of schedules. Retain monthly schedules, bid awards, staffing numbers, total monthly hours, reserve ratios, and other pertinent information thus building documentation for potential grievances.
  • Provide Flight Attendant input to Crew Planning during the pairing construction process. Ensure the best possible balance of pairing types to represent the needs and wants of the members.
  • Represent the unique needs of the domicile with Crew Planning
  • Answer Flight Attendant questions regarding the pairing and line construction process
  • Refer any reserve-related issues to the Local Reserve Committee for follow-up and resolution
  • Discuss any scheduling problems or concerns with management
  • Actively monitor management to ensure that established rules and procedures are complied with and that the collective bargaining agreement is not violated. Immediately report any violations or suspected violations to the LEC President.
  • Actively communicate information of interest to the Flight Attendants. Provide a summary of current staffing and scheduling information to the Communications Committee for inclusion in Local Council communications.


  • Act as liaison between the membership and the Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers.
  • The Local Chairperson will act as liaison between the Local Committee and the MEC
  • Committee Chairperson.
  • Coordinate with the LEC Chairperson of the committee regarding all activities
  • Collaborate with other AFA committees as needed
  • Report to the LEC Officers on any discussion with management
  • Recommendations for change should be presented to the LEC Officers in writing
  • Any AFA committee appointed by the LEC and empowered to conduct discussions with
  • management on behalf of the Flight Attendants must first meet with the LEC Officers
  • prior to forming any agreement to gain the direction of the LEC
  • The committee will not make any policy that conflicts with LEC, MEC, or AFA policy

The Scheduling Committee is available to help you with:

  • Questions about how pairings are constructed
  • Scheduling violations
  • Comments and feedback about pairings