Jason Kachenmeister – Spirit MEC President & Negotiation’s Chair

Jason Kachenmeister, Spirit AFA MEC President, began working as a Flight Attendant at Spirit in January 2002 in DTW base. Following the downsizing of DTW in 2007-2008, Jason moved to ACY where he was based until 2011. With the birth of his youngest daughter Amelia, Jason moved back to Michigan and became an FLL commuter for the next three years until the LAS base opened. Jason then transferred to LAS and continued to commute to that base until the DTW base reopened in 2016. While DTW base was downsized, and Jason had to return from a line holder to a reserve schedule, he witnessed the contract violations the company was committing against the reserve flight attendants firsthand. This treatment of the reserve flight attendants by the company prompted him to join the AFA scheduling committee in local 76 back in 2008. Eventually, Jason became the MEC Scheduling chair for a time and participated in several groundbreaking modifications to the way crew scheduling operated; including changes to maximize reserve rest periods between reserve notification shifts as well as the creation of the reserve grid for approving drops/trades that are still in use today. Jason has also spent time with crew planning on more efficient base staffing formulas and worked with the company to open the LAS and ORD crew bases. Upon returning to DTW base, Jason resumed his former role as the LEC 76 scheduling chairperson and, in 2018, was tasked to assume the vacant position of MEC Hotel Committee Chairperson. As Hotel Committee Chairperson, Jason has overseen drastic changes to the AFA Hotel Committee at Spirit resulting in nearly 25 layover hotel upgrades over the past 3 years. In October of 2019, Jason was elected as the MEC President to finish out a previously vacated term following a resignation and was re-elected unanimously in 2020 to serve a full term. As MEC President, Jason negotiated on behalf of Spirit flight attendants to reach agreements resulting in the COVID MOU’s, including the CVTO/EVTO programs and mitigating any flight attendants being furloughed due to the pandemic. Jason looks forward to continuing his role as MEC President and adding the additional duty of chairing the negotiation committee. Jason continues to be a DTW-based flight attendant, approaching his 20th year at Spirit. Jason lives in Tecumseh, MI with his wife Jill (also a Spirit Flight Attendant) and their three daughters.