Don Reno Intreglia – MEC Vice President & Negotiations Committee Oversight Officer

Don Reno Intreglia has served as the Spirit Master Executive Council Vice President since July of 2019 after being appointed to fill a vacancy for the unexpired term of the previous MEC Vice President. He was re-elected to serve a full term in July of 2020. He first became a Union member after being hired at Spirit in October of 2014. Don has extensive experience within the AFA structure, having served as the Local Executive Council Vice President for LEC 78 FLL from 2016-2019. Prior to that, Don served as the Co-Chair for the MEC New Hire Committee, MEC Communications and Webmaster, and LEC 76 ACY/DTW Scheduling Representative. During his time in the role of MEC Communications, Don crafted several informational campaigns for the SPA Negotiations Committee during the last round of CBA negotiations including the “Health Over Wealth” Campaign, and has advocated on Capitol Hill on behalf of all flight attendants during the Fight for 10 and more recently the CARES Act and PSP Extension. As MEC Vice President, he oversees the New Hire, Government Affairs, Hotels, and Negotiations Committee. With a strong background in Technology and Information Systems, he also serves as our resident IT administrator. When the COVID-19 Pandemic started, he worked closely with the MEC to ensure Spirit flight attendants were protected from financial harm by negotiating several MOU’s which provided pay protection for missed assignments, and points mitigation for anybody who contracted COVID-19 along with furlough mitigations for all Spirit flight attendants. Prior to becoming a Flight Attendant and union activist, Don served as a Marketing Manager for a large hospitality company in Delaware and completed network security and IT contracts for several aerospace and defense companies including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. Don grew up in Rincon, Puerto Rico, and splits his time between Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Rincon. Don has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from the IUPR and a master’s degree in DNA computing. In his spare time, he enjoys costume design, nerd culture, blogging and fitness.