For assistance, contact any member of your Local Committee.  You can find a list of Committee Members on your Local Council page.  For your convenience, a list of MEC Committee Chairs and links to the Local Committee lists are below.

What Do AFA Committees Do?

Members of AFA Committees serve in three primary roles.

  • An Expert.  Serve as the subject matter expert on the committee’s primary area of responsibility
  • A Resource.  Act as a resource about their area of expertise and work to actively educate and empower Members
  • A Voice.  Work as a liaison between Members and the Local Executive Council, Master Executive Council, and management involving matters related to the committee
Air Safety, Health, & Security Committee (ASHS) works with the company on matters related to cabin and Flight Attendant safety and health.
The Benefits Committee works to educate and provide assistance to Flight Attendants in all matters involving benefits including: insurance, maternity, worker’s compensation, and FMLA.
The Communications Committee works to maintain regular and timely communication with the membership through print, web, social media, and emerging platforms.
The EAP is a support service provided by Flight Attendants for Flight Attendants, their families, and partners. EAP reps are trained to provide services that include: assessment, support, referral services, professional standards, and critical incident response.
The Government Affairs Committee’s responsibility is to monitor and pursue legislative activities that relate to the AFA-CWA political agenda and to build positive relationships with candidates for office and elected officials.
The Grievance Committee’s primary responsibility is the protection of all Flight Attendants against arbitrary and unjust disciplinary action and to uphold the collective bargaining agreement.
The Hotel Committee investigates Flight Attendant complaints about hotel facilities and transportation providers and periodically inspects these facilities for any decline in quality. Members of this committee survey potential facilities and attempt to eliminate or avoid any possible problems involving transportation or layover facilities.
The Mobilization Committee works to distribute information on current AFA efforts in Congress, Local, and National campaigns that affect flight attendants.
The New Hire Committee works to guide and assist new Flight Attendants on current AFA efforts, rules, and responsibilities.
The Paycheck Committee works to assist Flight Attendants with compensation issues.
The Reserve Committee helps Flight Attendants to interpret and understand the reserve portion of the contract and serves as a liaison between Crew Scheduling and Flight Attendants holding a reserve schedule.
The Scheduling Committee makes sure that the company follows all contractual obligations that are outlined in our Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).
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