Government Affairs Committee

For assistance, contact our Government Affairs Committee  You can find a list of Committee Members on your Local Council Committees page.  For your convenience, a list of Committee Chairs and links to the Local Committee lists are below.

AFA Government Affairs lobbies members of Congress, provides lobbying training to AFA members, and organizes grassroots member activism around the issues that matter most to Flight Attendants.  AFA is frequently invited to provide expert advice on Flight Attendant issues and to give testimony on behalf of our members in congressional hearings. The AFA Government Affairs Department and our extensive network of Flight Attendant activists influence decisions made at the highest levels of government that directly impact our profession.

When AFA successfully shepherds a Flight Attendant issue through the legislative process until it is enacted into law, we can take it off of the negotiating table and use our leverage to obtain other contractual gains.

Our union, the Association of Flight Attendants (AFA), is the only flight attendant union that has a dedicated lobbyist to get flight attendant issues into the legislative process. Thanks to bipartisan support many of these issue have been included in various bills that have been presented to our representatives. You can do your part by signing up over at POPVOX and commenting on the bills that our union endorses and opposes. By creating your account and commenting on these bills you are directly showing your state representatives that these issues matter to you! Below are some of the most pressing issues that our union is fighting hard for, please do your part to make change that affects all of us.

You can also get involved in grassroots activism by visiting our Mobilization Committee button and contacting your in base Mobilization rep or our MEC Mobilization Chair Robbie Nara.

MEC Government Affairs Committee



Took Office: October 2019
Term Expires: June 30, 2020 

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