For assistance, contact our Mobilization Committee at  You can find a list of Committee Members on your Local Council Committees page.  For your convenience, a list of Committee Chairs and links to the Local Committee lists are below.

Our AFA-CWA Union power is impossible without the full participation of an organized, educated and mobilized membership. We cannot protect ourselves or make any gains without it. A few leaders cannot do it alone. It cannot work if we only do it during Contract bargaining. It must be the way Locals function all the time.

Mobilization requires three elements:

  1. Organization — an organized structure that touches every member, in each department, each building, each Local.
  2. Education – understanding our industry, our employer, the political situation, our allies and our power as a Union.
  3. A plan for collective action — actions that involve our members on every level, from wearing Red Shirts to taking on the employer in any way necessary.
  • The committee  will be responsible for development and coordination of a program to educate the members and move them to action.
  • They will provide information and support for targeted issues.
  • To further the flight attendants understanding of AFA-CWA, why we sought union representation, the history of the flight attendant profession and the aviation industry through development and distribution of educational materials and talking points.
  • Informing the membership about the direction and decisions of the local council as provided by the LEC representatives.
  • To dispel gossip, rumor, and inaccurate information from being circulated on line. 
  • To provide two-way local council communication via, feedback to the LEC  representatives of the needs and responses of the membership. 

Mobilization Committee

Purpose and Scope
The Mobilization Committee’s primary responsibility is to provide a two-way channel of communications between the membership and the elected LEC officers.

Mobilization increases our power by developing an informed and active membership. The Mobilization Committee uses various strategies to reach our two major goals: political actions and organize  members.


  • Act as liaison between the membership and the Local Executive Council (LEC) Officers.
  • The Local Chairperson will act as liaison between the Local Committee and the MEC Committee Chairperson. 
  • Coordinate with the Local Chairperson of the committee regarding all activities
  • Collaborate with other AFA committees as needed
  • Report to the LEC Officers on any discussion with management
  • The committee will not make any policy that conflicts with LEC, MEC, or AFA policy

MEC Mobilization Committee



Took Office: July 1, 2017  
Term Expires: June 30, 2020

“There are two primary choices in life: To accept conditions as they exist , or accept the responsibility for changing them.  That’s the reason why I became a rep? 

In order for things to change you have to get involved. I remember my mother telling me that if you are not going to do something about it, quit complaining and talking about it. I guess that stuck with me my whole life. This, our job, is a big part of our life. Personally, I want my life to be the best it can be, so I am willing to give my time, make an effort , step up in the position  to make a change for the better. I am a firm believer that no one can change your life but you.”




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