Negotiations Committee

The Negotiating Process

Our contract negotiating process is governed by the Railway Labor Act (RLA).  The RLA is a United States federal law that governs labor relations in the railroad and airline industries.  The Act, passed in 1926 and amended in 1934 and 1936, seeks to substitute bargaining, arbitration and mediation for strikes as a means of resolving labor disputes.  Its provisions are enforced under the National Mediation Board (NMB).

The Negotiating Committee works to negotiate and institute the needs and desires of the Flight Attendants into an effective collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Information about the duties and responsibilities of Negotiating Committee Members is contained within Section VI of the AFA International Constitution and Bylaws.

Members of the Negotiating Committee are selected by a majority vote of voting members of the MEC (LEC Presidents).  This is outlined on page 36 (Section VI.A.1.a) of the AFA International Constitution and Bylaws.

MEC Negotiations Committee



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