Introducing our Negotiations Committee

May 2021

Good afternoon Union brothers and sisters, 
On March 6th the Master Executive Council sent an e-line to request commitments to serve for the upcoming Negotiations Committee, during the months that followed dozens of you submitted your names for consideration to be selected for the committee. Once the deadline arrived we sent out a negotiations assessment to those who were qualified and in good standing, this assessment included general contract knowledge, experience questions, and to specifically cite areas of the contract that they felt needed the most work. Of the 55 candidates who responded to the assessment, the MEC deliberated over each assessment and narrowed it down to a list of 10 final candidates who all received interviews from each Local Executive Council President. After a month of interviews and further deliberation, the MEC selected the following flight attendants to serve on the Spirit Negotiations Committee alongside your MEC Officers and our AFA International Staff Negotiator. We thank all those that submitted their commitment to serve, it was a very difficult decision as many of you presented incredible willingness and knowledge to assist our members. 
_ _ _ 
Over the next few months, the Spirit Negotiations Committee will begin training with AFA International and sending surveys to the membership along with important information regarding negotiations, please make sure you keep your email updated and to receive the most up-to-date negotiations updates. 

Olson “Rick” Santiago – MEC Negotiations Representative

Olson Santiago Carreras, better known as Rick, started with Spirit Airlines as a Flight Attendant in 2017 and was assigned to LEC 76 DTW.  In 2019 he transferred to Orlando where he became involved with AFA. Rick currently holds the position of Scheduling Chair for LEC37 as of June 2019 and as MEC Reserve Chair as of July 2020. He has extensive knowledge in both Scheduling and Reserve.
Before working at Spirit Airlines, he worked as a District Manager at Cricket Wireless, a division of AT&T Wireless. There, he assisted in the development of benefits, vacation/PTO, sick leave, and health care for all employees. 
He was born and raised in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. After High School, he moved to Orlando, FL. 
Currently, he resides in Houston, Texas, and commutes to Orlando for work. He is in the process of obtaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and hopes to continue his education and seek a law degree in business and labor law.
Colleen Burns – MEC Negotiations Representative



Colleen Burns is a 6 year Flight Attendant with Spirit. She currently serves LEC 77 as the Grievance Co-Chair and the Government Affairs Chair. She values the mission for economic and social justice for all Flight Attendants. Her current role within her local council shows the passion she has for improving the quality of life for our workforce. She is incredibly passionate about the legislative process and will continue to press for stronger legislative protections and benefits for our first responders in the sky.  
Her interest in serving outside of LEC 77 and her knowledge of the contract led her to submit to serve for negotiations. She is an out-of-the-box thinker and uses the contract to support the members of LEC 77. She values the importance of the work flight attendants do as safety professionals and believes we need to be compensated accordingly. She believes firmly in holding the company accountable for breaching the contract and hopes to help negotiate a contract that better protects our flight attendants and increases our quality of life. Colleen has extensive knowledge in the grievance arena, has training in EAP and government affairs where she has worked closely with both state and federal legislators to ensure that our voice is heard. 
Colleen was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, where she has lived most of her life. She will be graduating in June with her B.S. in Psychology, and Graphic Design with a minor in Marketing. She currently lives in southern Illinois with her partner, 2 dogs, and 2 snakes. Colleen spends her personal time working out, enjoying outdoor activities, and binge watching LOTR and Harry Potter. 
Paula Mastrangelo – AFA International Senior Staff Negotiator



Paula Mastrangelo, AFA International’s Sr. Staff Negotiator assigned to work with us on the upcoming contract negotiations, assisted us with our third tentative agreement ratified in 2016. 
She is a seasoned veteran who has negotiated many contracts with AFA carriers. Paula started her career with AFA in 1988 and has led negotiating teams to successfully conclude agreements across the industry, from first-time regionals to United’s CBA. 
Recently, Paula worked with Hawaiian, Alaska, and Envoy to reach and
ratify their new deals. A firm believer that leverage at the bargaining table comes from an informed and mobilized labor group, Paula looks forward to working with our Spirit team to fire up our members and address pressing concerns.
Jason Kachenmeister – Spirit MEC President & Negotiation’s Chair 




Jason Kachenmeister, Spirit AFA MEC President, began working as a Flight Attendant at Spirit in January 2002 in DTW base.  Following the downsizing of DTW in 2007-2008, Jason moved to ACY where he was based until 2011.  With the birth of his youngest daughter Amelia, Jason moved back to Michigan and became an FLL commuter for the next three years until the LAS base opened.  Jason then transferred to LAS and continued to commute to that base until the DTW base reopened in 2016. 

While DTW base was downsized, and Jason had to return from a line holder to a reserve schedule, he witnessed the contract violations the company was committing against the reserve flight attendants firsthand.  This treatment of the reserve flight attendants by the company prompted him to join the AFA scheduling committee in local 76 back in 2008.  Eventually, Jason became the MEC Scheduling chair for a time and participated in several groundbreaking modifications to the way crew scheduling operated; including changes to maximize reserve rest periods between reserve notification shifts as well as the creation of the reserve grid for approving drops/trades that are still in use today.  Jason has also spent time with crew planning on more efficient base staffing formulas and worked with the company to open the LAS and ORD crew bases.  Upon returning to DTW base, Jason resumed his former role as the LEC 76 scheduling chairperson and, in 2018, was tasked to assume the vacant position of MEC Hotel Committee Chairperson.  As Hotel Committee Chairperson, Jason has overseen drastic changes to the AFA Hotel Committee at Spirit resulting in nearly 25 layover hotel upgrades over the past 3 years.  In October of 2019, Jason was elected as the MEC President to finish out a previously vacated term following a resignation and was re-elected unanimously in 2020 to serve a full term.  As MEC President, Jason negotiated on behalf of Spirit flight attendants to reach agreements resulting in the COVID MOU’s, including the CVTO/EVTO programs and mitigating any flight attendants being furloughed due to the pandemic.  Jason looks forward to continuing his role as MEC President and adding the additional duty of chairing the negotiation committee. 

Jason continues to be a DTW-based flight attendant, approaching his 20th year at Spirit.  Jason lives in Tecumseh, MI with his wife Jill (also a Spirit Flight Attendant) and their three daughters. 

Don Reno Intreglia – MEC Vice President & Negotiations Committee Oversight Officer



Don Reno Intreglia has served as the Spirit Master Executive Council Vice President since July of 2019 after being appointed to fill a vacancy for the unexpired term of the previous MEC Vice President. He was re-elected to serve a full term in July of 2020. He first became a Union member after being hired at Spirit in October of 2014. 


Don has extensive experience within the AFA structure, having served as the Local Executive Council Vice President for LEC 78 FLL from 2016-2019. Prior to that, Don served as the Co-Chair for the MEC New Hire Committee, MEC Communications and Webmaster, and LEC 76 ACY/DTW Scheduling Representative. During his time in the role of MEC Communications, Don crafted several informational campaigns for the SPA Negotiations Committee during the last round of CBA negotiations including the “Health Over Wealth” Campaign, and has advocated on Capitol Hill on behalf of all flight attendants during the Fight for 10 and more recently the CARES Act and PSP Extension. 


As MEC Vice President, he oversees the New Hire, Government Affairs, Hotels, and Negotiations Committee. With a strong background in Technology and Information Systems, he also serves as our resident IT administrator.

When the COVID-19 Pandemic started, he worked closely with the MEC to ensure Spirit flight attendants were protected from financial harm by negotiating several MOU’s which provided pay protection for missed assignments, and points mitigation for anybody who contracted COVID-19 along with furlough mitigations for all Spirit flight attendants. 

Prior to becoming a Flight Attendant and union activist, Don served as a Marketing Manager for a large hospitality company in Delaware and completed network security and IT contracts for several aerospace and defense companies including Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman. 


Don grew up in Rincon, Puerto Rico, and splits his time between Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and Rincon. Don has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and engineering from the IUPR and a master’s degree in DNA computing. In his spare time, he enjoys costume design, nerd culture, blogging and fitness.

Jasmine Lopez – MEC Secretary/Treasurer


Jasmine Lopez is in her 5th year as a Spirit Airlines Flight Attendant.  She currently serves as Local Executive Council President for LAS (LEC 73) as well as the MEC Secretary-Treasurer.

Jasmine originally became involved with her local union as an EAP representative 4 years ago. Her vision to improve working conditions and protect the common interests of Flight Attendants through fair and equal representation of all union members led her into the position of LEC President.

Prior to fully immersing herself in the representation of the members of LEC 73, Jasmine had several years of experience in both non-profit entities and general corporate structure having served on the Board of Directors for non-profit organizations as well as owning multiple companies.  In doing so, Jasmine has not only developed multiple business plans and created employee handbooks but has also established company policies and procedures.  Furthermore, she is experienced in human resource management as well as business law.   This unique position has allowed her to gain valuable tools from both sides of the coin as not just an employee but also as an employer.

Jasmine was born and raised just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She has lived there most of her life and currently resides between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Las Vegas, Nevada.  Jasmine has three adult children and has been married to her husband for 27 years. She has both a B.A. and M.A. in Psychology and will soon be pursuing an M.S.W.  In her rare moments of spare time, Jasmine enjoys spending time with her family and close friends, binge-watching true crime, reading, and road trips.

In Solidarity,

Your  MEC Leadership and Negotiations committee