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LAS Local 73
Jasmine Lopez - President

Tom Ringer – Vice President
Aimee Banagan – Secretary

DFW Local 74
David bedene - President

Vacant – Vice Pres.
Vacant- Secretary

DTW/ACY Local 76
Deborah Crowley - President

Vilija Telycenas – Vice President
Billie Hammerle – Secretary

ORD Local 77
Dan Glasson - President

Steve Gorski – Vice President
Aimee Herman – Secretary

FLL Local 78
Teri Davison - President

Gena Gambuto – Vice President
Yandy Rodriguez – Secretary

MCO Local 37
Liza Sanchez - President

Jennifer D’Angelo – Vice Pres.
Jonathan Rivera – Secretary

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AFA-CWA is designed to be a bottom-up organization. It is the Flight Attendants who set the direction of the Association of Flight Attendants at Spirit Airlines. Have a problem? Question? Constructive criticism? Call or email your rep!


The MEC appoints a committee chairman to lead each committee. The chairman then solicits members of the Spirit Flight Attendant group to assist in the day-to-day functions of the committee. Any member in good standing is welcome to volunteer for LEC and MEC committees.


Local councils are organized under the Master Executive Council, or MEC. The MEC acts as a central coordination point for the efforts of an entire Flight Attendant group. The MEC has powers to make many of the most important decisions on behalf of the membership.